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Top Alcohol Brands In India: 5 Brand and marketing stories

India is home to a variety of different cultures and traditions. This diversity has led to the development of interesting alcoholic drinks that have taken the world by storm. Here are 5 that we think are among the top brands in India.
Challenger Brands Can Market Without Money

Challenger Brands Can Market Without Money

Successful challenger brands, including Indian IT giants TCS, Infosys, and Wipro, and international brands such as Zara, Sriracha Hot Sauce, Zoom, Canva, Naturals Ice...
Time ticks differently for Shakira, SRK and Gigi

Name a luxury brand, and I’ll tell you why it’s luxury

Name a luxury brand, and there will be one "better".  There was a question about the "hierarchy of luxury brands" on one of my...
Content optimization to improve website ranking

Content optimization for SEO

Content optimization for SEO can help your website get the ranking it deserves. Here are tips and tricks to achieve it.

How to use Chat GPT and monetise your website

Chat GPT eats your content for free, and does not direct any web traffic back to you. What can you do in this new world to be relevant?

AI can outchat Arnab Goswami: but with data

There's a lot of chatter in marketing circles about generative AI and how ChatGPT will replace a lot of content creation jobs. It will,...

Sales and Marketing are not the same

Peter Drucker said marketing and innovation are the only purpose of a business. So what is the role of sales? We explore sales and marketing and their respective roles in this article.

I’ve Been Hacked – Revisiting the Value of Social Media

“OMG, your bank details are posted on your Insta handle” squealed the daughter in alarm late last night. She has a higher value of...

Types of Branding: Cardi B and McD teach us

I consider McDonald’s a kid friendly place. Looking for ways to add excitement beyond the Happy Meal, McDonald’s in the US is marketing ‘celebrity...

Multimedia Communication Is Now Imperative

We use photos and videos widely, yet marketers are stuck in the past of using just one form of communication - writing. How can we fix this to become multimedia communications.