Maneesh Mittal: Know Your Speaker- Futurist Business Conclave 2018


Maneesh is a result oriented, decisive business leader with proven success in identifying market trends & opportunities, implementing organizational transformations and delivering high growth top-line and bottom-line in retail and travel organisations. He is passionate about digitization and applying technology to achieve business objectives. In his past assignment, he was Head of eCommerce and Big Data at Infiniti Retail Limited, Croma – A TATA Enterprise. Currently, he’s Chief-Omnichannel, Shoppers Stop.

1. How do you deal with rising customer expectations?

Consumer behavior continues to evolve at a pace faster than ever before, and the most critical element for us today is to continue enhancing our understanding of the customer through data analytics as well as through interactions with customers in various forms of primary research. This understanding then allows us to tailor our offerings around the customer’s changing expectations.

2. What are 3 important points to remember when creating a digital customer experience?

Creating a good customer experience for me is about keeping things simple. The questions we ask ourselves as part of the process include : (a) whether we are solving a genuine customer need / problem rather than getting carried away by what technology can deliver and (b) how will the new experience seamlessly interplay with the other elements of the existing customer journeys.

We also make it a point to test all experiences through quick pilots that allow us to assess the customer impact against targeted metrics so that we can then refine the before rolling out on full scale. For example, we had launched mPOS (mobile point of sale), a year back as a pilot to check on the market acceptance and scalability before rolling it out across our 83 stores in 38 cities as a queue busting solution.

3. What according to you will be the key trends in omnichannel marketing of the future?

There are numerous trends that are defining the omnichannel revolution and these are in different stages of maturity.

· Attribution of Digital Influence: Key measurable impact of online to offline conversions for optimization of digital marketing spends

· Segment of One: movement from demography & psychograph based customer segments to individual level personalization

· Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in customer analytics & campaign management

· Use of Augmented & Virtual Reality led experiences


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