What does your customer want? A much debated subject which was the topic of discussion at the webinar Paul Writer  co-hosted with IBM titled “How personal insights can drive impactful customer journey”. Customer insights gives the power of data in ones hand, allowing to orchestrate unified campaigns, online and offline, and deliver on the brand promise at every touchpoint. Personalization at scale is the goal of every business today, and it is the difference between profit and loss for high-volume transaction websites.  Even as traffic rockets into crores, one needs to make every visitor feel that he is one in a million.

This webinar was crafted to talk about –

  • How with customer insights, marketers can harness data across the entire customer journey, forming a complete view of customers.

  • How you can uncover relevant insights and recommendations that get smarter with each interaction so you can drive the results you want.

  • How personal insights empower brand owners to deliver engaging experiences on high-traffic websites.

Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer kick stared the webinar session by setting the context and went on to speak about ‘Personalization as a Route to Revenue’. Jessie provided strong data points like – 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a offline retailer who recognizes them by name. She went on to explain how we replicate this for success in the digital world as well. Check out more of her interesting content here.

The following speaker was Manish Mittal, Head- eCommerce & Big Data from Infiniti Retail (Croma). Manish shared powerful insights on how personalization is successfully implemented at Croma retail. Check out his deck ‘Personalisation@Croma’.

Harsh Anand from IBM Watson Customer Engagement team shared his view on ‘Personalized Marketing’. Harsh spoke about how customers are engaging with brands on different channels, both offline and digital and how to positively impact the customer journey with personalization. He went on to suggest impactful ways to continue the conversation with customers who abandoned carts and search. Check out more here.

Deepali Nair, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer of IIFL Wealth presented the practitioners perspective at the webinar. Deepali said, “Adoption of Data Science is Transformation”. She suggests having the end game in mind, before you start collecting any data. Learn more on what she said here.

The webinar saw attendees form HDFC Bank, Bankbazaar.com, The Leela Palaces Hotels & Resorts, YES Bank, Jet Airways etc. The recording of the webinar is available for viewing here.



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