Editor’s Yo! Note #394 – Mukesh owns Antilia, Jio and superlatives

There has been some grumbling about the rather lavish wedding celebrations of Mukesh & Nita Ambani’s offspring Isha with the Piramal scion. I have no idea what else was expected from a man who collects superlatives – biggest house, most expensive car, cheapest network. Most expensive is so much easier to define than, say, most memorable. Superlatives make business sense.

A key ingredient to a good brand narrative is, the superlative!  It’s easy to communicate a message if you can say you’re the biggest, most expensive, cheapest, tallest, only – it immediately conveys your supremacy vis-a-vis the competition. So much easier to pick out a car that’s sold the most across the world, a book that’s in the best-seller category, or get your pizza fix at the world’s biggest chain. Not all of us can be the world’s best, but we should be able to frame a narrative at least in a niche context “Gurgaon’s only Spanish tapas bar” “world’s largest rooftop bar ”, “Australia’s oldest Fintech”. That way you address the long tail, which is looking for something more unique.

If you look at any hot brand you’ll find there’s a superlative lurking underneath the wrapper, though it may be done sub-consciously. We at Paul Writer have launched the 4th Edition of the Hot 50 Brands, where we recognise the top brands with global or India headquarters in Bangalore (Feb 8), Mumbai (Feb 15) and NCR (Feb 22). The search is partly through social voting BengaluruMumbaiNCR and as per the evaluation of our jury – Simi Sabhaney, Hareesh Tibrewala, Rajesh Jindal, Sanjay Mehta and more.

As for The Wedding, if you’re going to spend millions on hiring celebrities, a content curator would have been handy. As for the cost, I have two comments. One, everything is relative – our very reasonable expenses would seem outrageous to anyone making a tenth of our income. Secondly, there’s some serious competition in the daughter’s wedding stakes – Lakshmi Mittal spent around $78 million way back in 2004.

So what’s your superlative? And are you a hot brand?

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