Don’t Be a Marketing Dinosaur

As many marketing professionals know, this industry in constantly evolving. From content marketing to leveraging social influence, the marketing world continues to be somewhat of a growing and exciting landscape. The task of finding the right career path or aiming for a promotion can be quite competitive and challenging in today’s job force.

Staying ahead of trends and conducting your own research can ultimately give you the extra edge needed. Remember, it’s imperative to keep learning and ask questions. The marketing space will only continue to change and so should you.

TheLadders career website recently gathered some interesting information from career professionals and put together a helpful guide for members of the marketing industry. Professionals were asked a series of questions, including what advice they would consider important to new marketers based on their previous experiences. Below is an infographic of the results along with some supplemental reading they think every marketer should have in their arsenal.

With 2015 coming to a quick close, it could be a fun way to recap the year and maybe share some insights into how 2016 might go!









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