Yo! Shot by Jessie Paul

Seen Any Good Content Lately?

Yo! Seen any good content lately? No? Interesting how labelling something as content makes you shift your frame of reference away from thinking about a good movie, book or music ...

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Communities on Your Mind?

Yo! I’m in Chennai, conducting a workshop on Community Management, and I woke up to a full page ad/editorial/advertorial (does it matter any more?) in Times of India’s local edition ...

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Marketing is Personal Now: Microsoft

Yo!   Would you like these newsletters better if they started with Dear <FNAME>? We’re all familiar with this primitive form of personalization, but does it work any more? This ...

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$1 for Your Tweet and Likes?

Yo!   What if Kanye West, the highly influential music-maker said that his next album would be available ONLY on Tidal (a streaming site) and never, ever on iTunes. You ...

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