How Analytics Changed Marketing

Marketing has changed in the past few years, no doubt. Yesterday’s marketing functioned as a megaphone, broadcasting its message to the world. Over the past few years, marketing has transitioned to the role ...

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Decoding Luxury Sports Marketing

For most marketers today, associating with a sporting event, sponsoring a team or even having a sportsperson, as a brand ambassador is `sports marketing’. The 60-year-old Shell and Ferrari partnership ...

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Service is Equal to Ownership

I was on a holiday recently in Italy with my family.  Everyday was a new experience- exploring new places, enjoying the sights and most importantly eating at different places.  Some ...

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Simplification of the Brand

Let me admit- simplification is a complex process. Especially in current markets where we see unprecedented clutter of ideas, markets, competition and customers. Was this also not the case in ...

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